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Bakersfield, CA is a community located in southern California. The city is the home to 365,000 people, which makes it the ninth most populated city in the state, and 52nd most populated in the country. The city is part of the Bakersfield Delano Metro Area, which has a population in excess of 800,000 people. The city has a strong economy overall, which includes having a strong presence in the oil, manufacturing, distribution, and agriculture industries. Due to the presence of many national company headquarters, Bakersfield continues to see a strong demand for housing.

Mortgage Loans in Bakersfield

When looking to buy a new home in the city of Bakersfield, most buyers will need to take out a mortgage. Those that are looking to take out a mortgage will have a lot of different lenders to choose from. Several national lenders, including Wells Fargo and US Bank, have major mortgage offices in the city. Interest rates on mortgage loans in Bakersfield are in line with the rest of the state.

Many borrowers in Bakersfield also prefer to take advantage of various home loan programs. Bakersfield has a strong VA presence and many VA members choose to take out a home loan through the association. Many residents also take out FHA loans, which are ideal for first-time homebuyers.

Home Affordability in Bakersfield

In most areas of southern California, the median home price is unaffordable for the average homebuyers. However, Bakersfield tends to be affordable for most homebuyers. The median income in Bakersfield is just over $61,000 per year, which is a little bit below the state average, but is well above the national average. At the same time, the median home value in the city is just $235,000. This makes Bakersfield one of the most affordable cities in California, in terms of housing.

Bakersfield Education System

The city of Bakersfield is served by the Bakersfield City School District, which has over 75,000 students across the city. This district is currently the third largest district in the state of California and is often considered one of the most efficient. The city has a funding per pupil of around $7,000, which is comparable to other districts in the state. Overall, there are about 60 different public elementary, secondary, and high schools in the city.

Those that are looking for another option for education can also choose to send their kids to one of 12 different private schools in the city. After graduating, there are also a number of higher education options. Two of the biggest colleges in the city include Bakersfield College, which is a community college with 18,000 students, and California State University- Bakersfield, which has nearly 8,000 students.

Crime in Bakersfield

In most cities the size of Bakersfield, overall crime can be a huge concern. However, Bakersfield is able to maintain crime ratios that are below the national average. The city has reported a continuing decline in the amount of total crimes and violent crimes over the past decade. This has been attributed to increased investment in the police department, infrastructure, and overall city revitalization. While crime in general is low, the city does continue to have some trouble with drug-related crimes.