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Chula Vista is a charming community that is home to approximately 243,000 residents. It is located almost equidistant between San Diego and the Mexican border in beautiful southern California. The landscape is strongly dictated by rolling hills and serene ocean views. Many residents enjoy a quiet way of life in Chula Vista while also benefiting from great job opportunities and ample culture and recreational activities in nearby San Diego. If you are one of many people who are thinking about relocating to Chula Vista soon, you may be wondering what life has in store for you in this town.

Chula Vista Mortgage Options

Finding a great place to live in Chula Vista may be high on your to-do list as you prepare to move, and many people will decide to purchase a home rather than to rent an apartment. Chula Vista home mortgages make it more affordable to purchase a home in this area, and you will be pleased to learn that there are an exceptional range of loan programs to meet your unique financing needs. This includes common loan programs such as the FHA program, the VA program for military professionals, conventional loans and jumbo loans. You can typically expect to find competitive rates based on your credit score and financial profile, and this includes fixed and adjustable rates. There are 15 to 30-year terms available, making it easy to set up an affordable mortgage payment.

Chula Vista Home Prices

You may be well aware that California is known for having high housing prices in comparison to the rest of the country Chula Vista’s average home price is above the national average, but it is still relatively reasonable. The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the median home price in this town is $375,700. If you opt to rent a Chula Vista home or apartment instead, the median rental payment for housing is $1,291. Your real estate agent can help you to find your dream home in this gorgeous area of southern California.

Personal Income Levels in Chula Vista

You may already have a job offer in Chula Vista, or you may be wondering if you can find a job that will pay your bills in this area. A closer look at personal income levels in Chula Vista can be enlightening. The per capita income in this area is slightly more than $25,000 per year, and the average household income is $65,185. Approximately 12.5 percent of residents live below the poverty line. Income rates vary based on the industry you work om as well as education, experience and more.

Chula Vista Public Schools

Chula Vista is a great community to raise a family in, but you may want to learn more about the education options for your kids in this town. Some people will send their children to private schools, but many kids attend public schools. The Chula Vista Elementary School District serves children from the preschool years through high school, and it has 49 schools spread out across more than 103 square miles. Approximately 23,000 students attend these schools, and the majority of the are sixth graders or younger. None of the schools are nationally recognized, but the district does have a rigorous program that provides an excellent education to its students.

Crime Rates in Chula Vista

If you are focused on living in a safe community, you will be pleased to learn that Chula Vista has a crime rate that is below both the state and national levels. This includes for all ranked areas of violent and property crimes, including homicide, rape, theft, assault, vehicle theft and more. As you might imagine, some of the neighborhoods and communities in Chula Vista are safer than others, and your real estate agent can assist you in making an informed decision about where to live.

Now that you know more about what life holds for you in Chula Vista, you may be eager to move forward with your relocation plans. You can easily contact a lender to get pre-qualified for a home loan as a first step. Then, you can work with a real estate agent to find the ideal new home to live in.