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Corpus Christi is situated in the Southern portion of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for windsurfing, kite flying, and sailing opportunities. The city was devastated by a hurricane in 1919, resulting in the deaths of up to 1,000 people. The city is home to awesome beaches, unique museums, and an interesting aquarium. You can ride horses on the beach, visit the USS Lexington, and dine on excellent cuisine. People who live in Corpus love their city. If you are planning to buy a house in Corpus, research the mortgage loan options to see which one suits you.

Demographics and Median Income of Corpus Christi states that the population of Corpus Christi Texas stands at 324,074. 33.3% of the population are white, 59.7% of the citizens are Hispanic, and 4.3% are African American. 1.8% are Asian. The median age is 34.6. The unemployment rate is 5.4%. The median household income stands at $49,675.

Median House Prices in Corpus Christi

The median price of a home in Corpus is $199,900. There are about 2,500 homes for sale in the city. The future of the housing market in Corpus is bright. The cost of living is low in Corpus compared to other parts of the country.

Crime Rates in Corpus Christi

There are around 13,398 crimes reported in Corpus Christi each year. About 2,000 of those crimes are considered violent. The crime rate in Corpus is almost 50% higher than the national average. 86% of the other cities in the country are safer than Corpus.

Schools in Corpus Christi

Schools in Corpus Christi have an excellent reputation. The average test scores are at 84%. This is more than 24% the national average. There are 97 public schools and 24 private schools in the country. 21% of the population have a college degree, and 75% have a high school degree. Seashore Middle Academy and Windsor Park G/T are two of the best schools in the city.

Mortgage Loan Options in Corpus Christi

You can find numerous mortgage lenders in Corpus that will provide you will an excellent mortgage loan. Some of the types of mortgages include:

  • Fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans: The most popular type of loan is a fixed-rate loan. This loan is easier to budget because your rate will stay the same the entire life of the loan. The most common fixed-rate loan is a 30-year loan. However, most lenders offer a 15 or 10-year option. The shorter the loan, the more money you will save. However, with a 30-year loan, your monthly payment amounts will be lower. If you are planning to stay in your home temporarily, you might choose an adjustable-rate mortgage. Your rate will change depending on the market.
  • FHA loans: The credit requirements are more lenient, and you will only need a 3.5% down payment. This is a good option for first-time home buyers.
  • VA loans: This is an excellent choice if you have served in the United States military. No down payment is needed.
  • USDA loans: Backed by the US Department of Agriculture, this loan is designed people who live in rural areas and have a lower income.
  • Conventional loans: You must have good credit to qualify, and you might need a larger down payment.

Corpus Christi is one of the most popular vacation spots in Texas. While living in the city, you can relax on the beach, kayak in the ocean, attend a minor league baseball game, or just enjoy the atmosphere. The city offers residents numerous adventures that they can enjoy. If you are moving to Corpus, decide the best place for you to live, and pick out the best mortgage for you.