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The city of Henderson, NV is located a few miles southeast of Las Vegas in Clark County. Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada with a population of over 290,000, and it is within the Las Vegas metropolitan area, which has a total population of over 2 million. Henderson has been recognized as one of the safest cities in America by Forbes magazine, and it was named one of the best places to live in America by MONEY magazine.

Median Income

According to the official city website, the median household income in Henderson is $63,120. 48% of the population earns between $35,000 and $99,999 per year. 15.2% of the population earns $100,000 per year or more. 36.8% of the population earns $34,999 per year or less.

Schools and School Rankings

K-12 students in Henderson are serviced by the Clark County School District. CCSD is the fifth largest school district in the country, and the district educates around 75% of all students in Nevada. CCSD has over 320,000 students, and the district is the largest employer in the state with over 40,000 employees. CCSD has 357 schools, and the district covers an area of 8,000 square miles.

Henderson has 24 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and six high schools. The Nevada School Performance Framework index has given several schools in Henderson a 5-star rating based on student growth on standardized testing. Some of these 5-star schools are:

  • College of Southern Nevada High School South
  • Bob Miller Middle School
  • John Dooley Elementary School
  • Selma F. Bartlett Elementary School

Crime Rate

Henderson has the reputation of being one of the safest cities in America compared to other cities of similar size. According to the Uniform Crime Report statistics, Henderson averaged less than two homicides per year from 2010 through August 2016 per 100,000 people. Larceny, or theft of personal property, was the most common offense in Henderson with an average annual rate of just over 1,200 offenses per 100,000 people from 2010 through August 2016.

Housing Market

The current median sales price for a single-family home in Henderson is $260,000, which is an 8% year-over-year increase. The city has 25 master-planned communities, and some of the newer communities include Lake Las Vegas, Black Mountain Vistas, Cornerstone, and Tuscany. The property tax rate stands at $.7108 per $100 in assessed value, and this rate hasn’t changed since 1992. Residents of the Nevada do not pay personal income taxes, corporate taxes, inheritance taxes, and estate taxes. The state sales tax is 8.1%

Home Loan Options

Home buyers in Henderson have access to a wide range of home loan options. Currently, the 30-year fixed rate stands at 3.93%, and the 15-year fixed rate is currently 3.18%. Rates change daily, and lenders offer different rates based on the type of loan, the loan amount, the amount of the down payment, and the credit score.